IV Fluids Las Vegas

I.V Vitamin Therapy Clinic

Rehydrate Package $90

Packages that really work, we use high-quality I.V Vitamins and all treatments are administered by Licensed board-certified Nurses and Practitioners.


What's Inside:

(1000ml Vitamins & Electrolytes Included in package).


Recommended Times To Drip:

  • Deydrated Rehydrates your body with electrolytes 

  • Hectic 24/7 lifestyle such as stress, muscle aches, fatigue.

  • Rejuvenates Skin

  • Cleanses Vital Organs


Athletic activity drains the body of hydration & salts and generates toxins. Our Rehydrate Package rebalances your body with fluids fortified with electrolytes and antioxidants to maximize athletic performance. Also alchole can drain your body of water making you element your electrolytes and vitamins.

Restore: Health and Beauty