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We frequently notice significant improvements when using intravenous therapy. Many patients who seek our help did not experience health improvements with medications and high doses of oral supplements. Generally, it can be useful to take vitamins and minerals orally, and we recommend that when appropriate. But, if vitamins and minerals are not adequately absorbed into the body, they are useless. Frequently, due to certain disease states that create intestinal malabsorption, patients do not adequately absorb vitamins and minerals through the gut, or gastrointestinal tract. This creates a situation in which patients do not experience the results they want. Another factor is too much supplement intake. For example, taking large doses of oral magnesium and Vitamin C can result in diarrhea due to effects on the bowel. Intravenous administration of magnesium, Vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals does not have that effect, and the amounts given can be much higher compared to oral pills. The body is constantly building itself up and breaking itself down it is a continual cycle. Every cell has its own life cycle, it is born, dies and is replaced.

Water makes up a large percentage of blood, the life-giving red liquid that brings oxygen, nutrients and vital processes, such as one's immune system throughout the body.

Lymphatic fluids, part of one's immune system, makeup four times the volume of blood and are designed to remove waste products from one's body. #ivvitamins #ivvitamintherapy #reviv #ivclinic #ivhydration #hangoveriv

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