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Supercharge Your Immunity With High Dose IV Vitamin C

15 grams of Vitamin C given intravenously in a 250ml bag over a short time, typically 20 to 30 minutes. 

Why IV vitamin C for Immunity Support?

  • Your White Blood Cells (WBC’s) are the soldiers of your immune system.

  • Research shows that WBCs can concentrate vitamin C up to 8000% greater than the blood level.

  • When under attack by an infection, your WBC’s use this high concentration of C to make hydrogen peroxide to use against pathogens.

  • Virus-infected cells are identified and attacked by your WBC’s and a killing dose of hydrogen peroxide is injected into the infected cell.

  • Without the “ammunition” of high reserves of vitamin C, your WBC’s will be less effective.

  • For the last 5 years, I.V Vitamin Therapy Clinic has administered vitamin C intravenously as a safe and effective way to maximize immune responsiveness.

  • Restrictions if you are not quarantined, are not showing symptoms of a fever or cough, are not limited by current KDHE travel restrictions, or have not been exposed to the coronavirus (to the best of your knowledge), and you want to take advantage of an intravenous call clinic and schedule your Appointment at I.V Vitamin Therapy Clinic.

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