iv hangover cure



Hangover treatments that really work, we use high-quality I.V Vitamins and all treatments are administered by board-certified Nurses and Practitioners. Relieves the worst hangovers in 30 Minutes, get back to enjoying life!

We have put together the ultimate combination of amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins and Nausea medication to take away the worst hangover. Rehydrate and revitalize while flushing those unwanted toxins.

Recommended Times to drip:

Hungover, Sleep deprivation, excessive workload, dehydration and overindulgence of life can often result in fatigue, decreased concentration and you feeling run down. Hangover IV Vitamin Therapy Clinic will refresh your body to help you recover from the toughest hangover.1-2 Liters of net fluid loss is typical for excessive alcohol consumption involving 6-10 standard drinks.

Use IV Vitamin Therapy treatments before you party so you don't get Hungover, Hectic 24/7 lifestyle, such as stress, depression, headaches, a weakened immune system, allergies, muscle aches, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, poor food and nutrition choices.


  •  Replenishes

  •  Boosts Your Immune System

  •  Decreases Inflammation

  •  Relieves Pain And Nausea

  •  Delivers An Energy Boost

  •  Detoxifies The Body

  •  Cleanses Vital Organs



What's Inside: (1000ml 1 Liter Vitamins and Electrolyte Fluid) Anti-nausea if needed.


: Vitamin C Ascorbic acid,

: B Complex

: B1 Thiamine

: B2 Riboflavin

: B3 Niacinamide

: B5 Dexpanthenol

: B6 Pyridoxine

: B9 Folate

: B12 Methylcobalamin 

: Magnesium 

: Calcium

: Potassium


If you take Lyft or Uber to the I.V Vitamin Therapy Clinic, we will discount off the cost of your transportation to get to us. We can also schedule a Lyft and Uber ride for you to our I.V Vitamin Therapy Clinic for free. All Uber and Lyft transportation must be within a 10-mile radius of the I.V Vitamin Therapy Clinic in order to take advantage of the discount.